NIXUS PRO x Command Post

Demo for British Army

The NIXUS PRO X Command Post is made up of 4 PRO tents arranged in an X shape around an interconnecting module. The resulting structure provides a large covered surface area (up to 185 square meters) which can be used either as a single work space, or as 4 separate but interconnected work areas.

The principal advantage of the NIXUS PRO X Command Post is the speed of setup when compared with erecting a single large structure of the same total floor area. Not only are NIXUS PRO tents very fast to erect, taking typically less than 10 minutes, but also the 4 PRO tents that are arranged around the central interconnecting module can be erected simultaneously, speeding up the setup time even more.

Ideal for either military, humanitarian aid or rescue use, the PRO X Command Post is a high durability, extreme weather solution with many options enabling configuration to suit your exact requirements.

Key Features

  • 125 to 185 m2 floor area with 4 separate work zones
  • Designed for ultra fast deployment with minimum labour
  • Different configurations possible as well as many options incl. HVAC, sun shade, linings, etc.
  • Extreme weather resistance, suitable for very cold, desert and tropical conditions
  • High pressure (4 – 6 bar) 6″ seamless pneumatic tubes provide a rigid structure
  • Sealed tubes – inflate once and leave standing indefinitely