The QUICK is a heavy duty aluminium frame tent that folds, or unfolds quickly taking just a few minutes to erect. The whole roof canopy and side walls can be fully printed with branding for promotional purposes, or printed with any signage as required.

When used in a roadside environment, or if the tent needs to be highly visible, highly reflective canopies and side walls are available in both orange or yellow-green (QUICK RF). Optional reflective straps or dots may also be specified.

The frame is made of 50mm aluminium hexagonal vertical tubes and 36mm ×18 mm cross bars for bracing. The canopy is made of strong 500D polyester with a PU coating on the back providing waterproofing and B1 certified fire retardancy.

When a bigger surface area needs to be covered, it is easy to connect two or more QUICK structures together. The gaps between tents are protected by textile gutters, draining water to the perimeter of the covered area.

The complete tent is packed into one compact wheeled bag for easy of storage and movement.

  • An inexpensive and rapid to erect tent which is also compact to store

  • Multiple QUICK pop-up tents can be combined together to cover larger areas

  • Designed for fast set-up with minimum labour

  • Durable, waterproof and B1 certified fire retardant


1 Strong 50mm aluminium frame
2 Quality components
3 Reflective colours are avaiable
4 500D Polyester roof canopy
5 Fast and easy to erect or take down

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QUICK Model Width m Width Ft Length m Length Ft Height m Height Ft
NX-QM3030 3.0 m 9′ 10″ 3.0 m 9′ 10″ 3.4 m 11′ 2″
NX-QM3045 3.0 m 9′ 10″ 4.5 m 14′ 9″ 3.4 m 11′ 2″
NX-QM3060 3.0 m 9′ 10″ 6.0 m 19′ 7″ 3.4 m 11′ 2″
NX-QM4040 4.0 m 13′ 1″ 4.0 m 13′ 5″ 3.7 m 12′ 2″
NX-QM4060 4.0 m 13′ 1″ 6.0 m 19′ 7″ 3.7 m 12′ 2″
NX-QM4080 4.0 m 13′ 1″ 8.0 m 26′ 2″ 3.7 m 12′ 2″
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