(Large Span Military Tent)

The NIXUS RIBS large span inflatable tent consists of supporting arched beams made from heavy duty 6″ diameter seamless pneumatic tubes which are pressurized to 4 to 8 bar when the tent is erected. Each supporting beam consists of 3 of these tubes structurally combined so that after inflation they make the tent extremely rigid and resistant to strong winds and temperature fluctuations. This unique pneumatic structure enables NIXUS RIBS to offer large span military tents of up to 12m width and still have the capability to withstand much higher loads than other inflatable tents of similar size parameters.

Besides its load resistance, the multi-tube RIBS system provides built in redundancy. In the case of an air leak in one tube the other two in the beam are able to fully support the structure without any loss of shape of the tent or risk of collapse.

NIXUS RIBS inflatable tent is designed for short or long term use and military clients are employing it for uses as varied as a field command post, operations centre, military field hospital, military briefing room, storage hall, military vehicles maintenance bay or small hangar, field gym, etc. With a span of up to 12m and unencumbered floor spaces of up to nearly 300 square meters the possibilities are endless.

The canopy of the RIBS inflatable building is made of opaque 1000D polyester fabric coated on both side with PVC and available in a number of colours. It is fully waterproof, very fire retardant, suitable for use down to very low temperatures of -50°C, and can be used with an optional IR membrane.

For easier handling, the RIBS inflatable tent may be split into segments. Each segment is packed in a strong PVC waterproof bag, with an option of additional transport packing in Clip-Lok boxes.

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  • Large span – 8.5m, 10.5m or 12.5m width times up to 23m length!

  • Large unencumbered working space of to nearly 300m2 floor area possible

  • Extreme weather resistance, suitable for very cold, desert and tropical conditions

  • High pressure (4 – 6 bar) 6″ diameter seamless pneumatic tubes provide a rigid structure

  • Design enables configuration with other NIXUS tents to make larger multi-room buildings

  • Designed for rapid deployment with minimum labour

Inflatable Hanger - NIXUS RIBS
Inflatable Hall with armoured personnel carrier
Inflatable Hall - NIXUS RIBS 12m span
Inflatable Hanger - NIXUS RIBS


(Proven to 100 Km/h – 62 mph)



All air chambers fully pressurised

One air chamber is empty

Two air chambers are empty

All 3 air chambers need to be damaged/empty to collapse the beam


1 Canopy
2 Main beams
3 Gable walls
4 Spacers
5 Single point air connection
6 Optional retractable door
7 Windows
8 Sunshade – camouflage, thermal, infrared
9 Liner – insulation, hygienic
10 Anti-slip floor
11 Visors

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RIBS Model Width m Width Ft Length m Length Ft Height m Height Ft
NX-RIBS-85-88 8.5 m 27′ 10″ 8.0 m 28′ 10″ 4.3 m 14′ 1″
NX-RIBS-85-116 8.5 m 27′ 10″ 11.6 m 38′ 0″ 4.3 m 14′ 1″
NX-RIBS-85-144 8.5 m 27′ 10″ 14.4 m 47′ 4″ 4.3 m 14′ 1″
NX-RIBS-105-116 10.5 m 34′ 5″ 11.6 m 38′ 0″ 5.3 m 17′ 5″
NX-RIBS-105-144 10.5 m 34′ 5″ 14.4 m 47′ 4″ 5.3 m 17′ 5″
NX-RIBS-105-172 10.5 m 34′ 5″ 17.2 m 56′ 6″ 5.3 m 17′ 5″
NX-RIBS-120-144 12.0 m 39′ 6″ 14.4 m 47′ 4″ 6.0 m 19′ 8″
NX-RIBS-120-172 12.0 m 39′ 6″ 17.2 m 56′ 6″ 6.0 m 19′ 8″
NX-RIBS-120-200 12.0 m 39′ 6″ 20.0 m 65′ 9″ 6.0 m 19′ 8″
NX-RIBS-120-229 12.0 m 39′ 6″ 22.9 m 75′ 0″ 6.0 m 19′ 8″
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