The NIXUS EXO-FOLD X is a rapid deployment modular tent that uses a sophisticated folding aluminium frame from which the tent canopy is draped. The main advantage of this is that the entire structure of the tent is held together in one piece, greatly reducing the time spent finding and assembling the many individual support tubes of a conventional tent.

The metal tent frame is made of AW6061 anodized aluminium tubes, distinguished by low weight and high durability, and specifically designed for heavy duty and/or military use. The tent canopy, which is packed in a separate bag, is hung during the unfolding of the structure and is stretched tightly over the frame. The whole set-up takes only a few minutes resulting in a light professional tent.

Being of modular design, EXO-FOLD tents can be interconnected to make a larger multi-room structure or X shaped structure. Each EXO-FOLD tent can provide a sheltered space of up to 54m2 per tent, i.e. 6m wide x 3 sections of 3m length each.

Individual EXO-FOLD tents can also be linked to other NIXUS products such as bespoke ISO containers, etc. to make a structure perfectly suited you your requirements.

Download EXO-Fold Datasheet
  • Designed for rapid deployment with minimum labour

  • One piece folding aluminium frame saves time during set-up

  • String T66 aluminium structure suitable for all- weather use

  • Available in 6m width x any length (made from 3m sections)

  • Fully modular enabling different configurations to suit requirements

  • Compatible with other NIXUS structures and tents

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The principal advantage of the NIXUS EXO-FOLD X is the speed of setup when compared with erecting a traditional framed tent. Once the structure has been unfolded and the tent canopy hung, the tent is ready for occupation. Furthermore, there aren’t lots of individual parts to unpack and assemble.

Ideal for military as well as humanitarian aid and rescue use, the EXO-FOLD X is a rapid set-up, high durability, extreme weather solution. There are many options available enabling configuration to suit your exact requirements.



NIXUS PRO X Command Post with 4 x 6.1m x 6.1m modules plus central unit
NIXUS PRO X Command Post - 6m
NIXUS PRO X Command Post - Inside View


The modular design of the EXO-FOLD enables bespoke configurations, from stand alone units to multiple room layouts, and the one piece folding aluminium frame saves time during set-up.

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Download EXO-Fold Datasheet
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