(Military Inflatable Tent with Low Pressure Tubes)

The NIXUS PGK is a modular inflatable tent designed for general and military use, e.g. as an emergency relief shelter; military field command post or humanitarian mission HQ, military accomodation or storage unit; base camp; mobile hospital; etc. The PGK tent can be ordered in a wide range of sizes and its modular design allows for combining units to make larger or multi room setups.

The NIXUS PGK can ordered with a range of accessories such as different types of inner liner, sunshades, floor tiles, lighting, electrics, hvac units and furniture giving this tent considerable versatility.

The PGK’s supporting structure is made from HF welded heavy duty PVC inflatable tubes with a working pressure of 0.30 bar and is designed to withstand the worst weather in temperate climates. An automatic pressure control system is supplied to maintain the inflation pressure at the correct level to compensate for ambient temperature variations, e.g. between night and day, etc.

The canopy is made of 500D polyester fabric with waterproof PU coating or 1000D both sides PVC coated opaque fabric, both meeting B1 fire retardancy requirements. The PGK tent can be ordered with a 650gsm, 500 gsm or 250 gsm PVC canopy, depending on the use and durability required.

Click on the photo on the right to see the rapid set-up of the NIXUS PGK military tent or emergency relief tent

  • Modular inflatable tent (low pressure tubes) for general or military use

  • Excellent weather resistance, suitable for temperate climates

  • Modular design enables multiple configurations of units to make larger buildings

  • Designed for fast deployment with minimum labour

  • Accessories include: inner liners, sunshades, floor tiles, lighting and electrics

NIXUS PGK General Purpose Military and Emergency Tent
NIXUS PGK General Purpose Military and Emergency Tent - Interior
NIXUS PGK General Purpose Military and Emergency Relief Tent
NIXUS PGK Emergency Hospital Tent


PGK-SI General Purpose Military Tent
PGK-ST General Purpose Military Tent
PGK-SH General Purpose Military Tent


The PGK SI uses horizontal inflatable tubes as tensioning elements. Tubes are inflated through the system of valves which can divide the air system into segments as failover in case of puncture to one tube.


The PGK ST uses horizontal aluminium struts as tensioning elements for the tent. These are installed from inside the tent after inflation.


The PGK SH uses a combination of horizontal inflatable tubes at the ridge and aluminium struts as horizontal tensioning elements at the side.


PGK General Purpose Military Tent - Components

1 Canopy
2 Main beams
3 Gable walls
4 Spacers
5 Automatic pressure regulation system
6 Windows
7 Sunshade – camouflage, thermal, infrared
8 Liner – insulation, hygienic
9 Anti-slip floor

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ERA Model Width m Width Ft Length m Length Ft Height m Height Ft
NX-PGK-56-40 5.6 m 18′ 4″ 4.0 m 13′ 1″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PGK-56-63 5.6 m 18′ 4″ 6.3 m 20′ 7″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PGK-56-76 5.6 m 18′ 4″ 7.6 m 24′ 8″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PGK-56-100 5.6 m 18′ 4″ 10.0 m 32′ 9″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PGK-60-40 6.0 m 19′ 8″ 4.0 m 13′ 1″ 3.0 m 9′ 10″
NX-PGK-60-63 6.0 m 19′ 8″ 6.3 m 20′ 7″ 3.0 m 9′ 10″
NX-PGK-60-76 6.0 m 19′ 8″ 7.6 m 24′ 8″ 3.0 m 9′ 10″
NX-PGK-60-100 6.0 m 19′ 8″ 10.0 m 32′ 9″ 3.0 m 9′ 10″
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