ECOS Expandable Container Shelter

The NIXUS ECOS Expandable Container Shelter uses a standard 20′ or 40′ shipping container modified by removing one, or both, of the sides and replacing them with frames that open outwards like large doors. Once opened out these frames form the walls of the expanded structure and also provide support for the roof. The resulting building has both the interior space of the containers and one or more large open plan rooms totalling up to 300m2 floor area!

The roof of the ECOS expandable container shelter uses rigid high pressure inflatable beams to span the expanded floor area and support the membrane roof. The floor is made of heavy duty, anti-slip PVC coated fabric fixed to the walls around the perimeter thereby creating a waterproof (and insect proof) barrier.

Windows, evacuation doors, electrical installation and even water distribution may be integrated into the side walls, if specified. Electrical and IT systems, HVAC (air conditioning units), floor tiles and even furniture may be transported directly within the ECOS container as one compact unit.

The installation time for a typical ECOS expandable container shelter, from the moment of truck stop to completion of the shelter build with floor and roof in place, is typically less than four hours for two trained persons.

NIXUS ECOS is a patented modular system so it is possible to add other ECOS units in either direction and it is a rapid deployment shelter system, suitable for medium or long term use.


  • Operation command centre with integrated comms, video screens, etc.
  • Field based medical unit/hospital, including theatres and triage with air lines, suction lines, gas lines, etc.
  • Special operations control centres
  • Field accommodation and welfare unit with showers and toilets

Key Features

  • Supplied in a variety of colours to suit individual specifications/requirements
  • Fully deployable and packed-up ready to move within 60mins
  • 20ft and 40ft options as single or double sided expanding spaces
  • LED lighting, Dantherm HVAC, dual power option via mains/built-in 3 phase generator, air compressor
  • Mosquito nets, sunshade, roof thermal liner, modular flooring, etc