(Military Tent or Emergency/Humanitarian Relief Tent)

The strength and stability under load of NIXUS PRO tents is due to the structure being made of heavy duty, seamless pneumatic tubes of 6’’ diameter with a working pressure of between 4 and 8 bar. The use of high pressure tubes makes the tent structure rigid and stable, as well as resistant to strong wind and snow loads. The PRO-ELR (Extended Load Resistance) version is available for missions with a snow load requirement over 50kg/m2 in a combination with wind load of 33m/s.

Another advantage of the use of high pressure tubes is their resistance to ambient temperature fluctuations so there is no necessity for permanent pressure control or air refill. The minimum (collapse) pressure of the tent is just 1.5 bar so with such a wide working pressure range PRO tents are the first choice for use in the harshest conditions, from extreme cold areas to desert and tropical heats.

The durability of the design extends to all components with the canopy of the PRO tent being made of opaque 1000D polyester fabric with both sides PVC coated. This makes the material waterproof, fire retardant and suitable for very low temperatures of down to -50°C, with an optional IR membrane.

The NIXUS PRO is made in a bicolor mode with a grey color inside and olive green or sand color outside. Each tent is packed in a strong PVC waterproof bag with a repair kit included.

Click on the photo on the right to see the rapid set-up of the NIXUS PRO military tent or emergency relief tent

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  • Extreme weather resistance, suitable for very cold, desert and tropical conditions

  • Huge load bearing capability for high wind and snow loads

  • High pressure (4 – 6 bar) 6″ seamless pneumatic tubes provide a rigid structure

  • Modular design enables multiple configurations of units to make larger buildings

  • Designed for fast deployment with minimum labour

NIXUS PRO Heavy Duty Military or Humanitarian Relief Tent
NIXUS PRO Heavy Duty Military or Emergency Relief Tent
Nixus PRO Emergency Relief Tent
Military Tent - NIXUS PRO - Heavy Duty, All Weather Military Tent


(Due to use of High Pressure Tubes)

NIXUX PRO Military Tent on high wind test
Watch Video of Test


Nixus PRO SI Military Tent
NIXUS PRO ST Heavy Duty Military Tent
Nixus PRO SH Military Tent
Nixus PRO SH Military Tents configured with central hub


The PRO SI uses horizontal high pressure inflatable beams as tensioning elements. These can also be used to space the sun shade cover away from the tent surface.


The PRO ST uses horizontal aluminium struts in place of inflatable beams as tensioning elements. These are installed from inside the tent once inflated.


The PRO SH uses a combination of high pressure inflatable beams and aluminium struts as horizontal tensioning elements.


The PRO X is a central interconnecting module and can be used with all NIXUS PRO models.


1 Canopy
2 Main beams
3 Gable walls
4 Spacers
5 Single point air connection
6 Pneumatic connection hose
7 Windows
8 Sunshade – camouflage, thermal, infrared
9 Liner – insulation, hygienic
10 Anti-slip floor
11 Visors

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PRO Model Width m Width Ft Length m Length Ft Height m Height Ft
NX-PRO-51-40 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 4.0 m 13′ 5″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PRO-51-60 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 6.0 m 19′ 7″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PRO-51-80 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 8.0 m 26′ 2″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PRO-51-100 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 9.9 m 32′ 6″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PRO-61-60 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 6.0 m 19′ 7″ 3.3 m 10′ 9″
NX-PRO-61-80 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 8.0 m 26′ 2″ 3.3 m 10′ 9″
NX-PRO-61-100 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 9.9 m 32′ 6″ 3.3 m 10′ 9″
NX-PRO-61-119 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 11.9 m 38′ 8″ 3.3 m 10′ 9″
NX-PRO-X-51-51 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 3.6 m 11′ 7″
NX-PRO-X-61-61 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 4.3 m 14′ 1″
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