NIXUS Supply 3 Gyms for the British Army

ISO Container Buildings Configured as Gyms

The Gyms for the British Army are made up of two rows of standard shipping containers with a NIXUS Container Roof providing shelter between them. The roof is made of heavy duty fabric and is supported by a lightweight extruded aluminium structure. The size of each gym is 100ft x 60 ft, i.e. they are made up of 2 x 40ft plus 1 x 20ft standard size ISO containers on each side of the building and supporting the roof structure.

NIXUS Container Buildings are suitable for a wide variety of uses including:

  • Sheltered loading bay
  • Heavy goods vehicle garage
  • Helicopter maintenance
  • General workshop
  • Covered storage area
  • Military field gym, etc.

The principal advantages of NIXUS Container Buildings are the lower cost and speed of setup when compared with erecting a traditional metal framed building.

Ideal for either military, humanitarian aid or rescue use, NIXUS Container Buildings offer a rapid deployment, high durability, all weather solution. With flexibility on both size and layout, as well as many other options, a configuration to suit your exact requirements should be possible.

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