(Mobile Hospital Tents, Triage Tents, Isolation Tents)

NIXUS Emergency Medical Tents are suitable for all emergency medical situations due to its speed of deployment, flexibility of configuration, hygienic linings and rigid structure making it suitable for sustained use in all weather conditions. NIXUS Emergency Medical Tents have been supplied to many armed forces and overseas aid organisations and have proven themselves in a wide variety of conditions.

In the case of a pandemic, such as with COVID-19, NIXUS Emergency Medical Tents are ideal for triage of patients before entering hospital and to provide additional accommodation for isolation and treatment of patients. NIXUS Medical Tents can also be specially configured for decontamination purposes.

With current spread of COVID-19, rapid and practical actions to identify and isolate potentially affected persons at airports and border crossings, before entering hospital and temporary quarantine accommodation are critical. NIXUS offer several emergency medical tent designs to help manage disasters and our standard inflatable or frame tents can be delivered in days, or a maximum of a few weeks.

The strength and stability under load of NIXUS inflatable emergency medical tents is due to the structure being made of heavy duty, seamless pneumatic tubes of 6’’ diameter with a working pressure of between 4 and 8 bar. The use of high pressure tubes makes the tent structure rigid and stable, as well as resistant to strong wind and snow loads. Once inflated the tubes remain inflated indelicately without the use of a noisy continuously running pump or fan. HVAC units are available to provide a comfortable internal environment for patients.

NIXUS Emergency Medical Tents can be supplied in white or red material with appropriate first aid markings. Each tent is packed in a strong PVC waterproof bag with a repair kit included.

  • Designed for fast deployment with minimum labour

  • Modular design enables multiple configurations of tents to make larger ‘tent hospitals’

  • Medical grade hygienic liners are supplied with the tent and can be easily removed for laundry

  • High pressure (4 – 6 bar) 6″ seamless pneumatic tubes provide a rigid permanently inflated structure

  • Extreme weather resistance, suitable for very cold, desert and tropical conditions

  • HVAC – heating and air conditioning systems available to provide a comfortable environment for patients
Interior of a Nixus Emergency Medical Tent
NIXUS Emergency Medical Tent - Decontamination Tent
Nixus ERA Inflatable Emergency Relief Tent
NIXUS Emergency Medical Triage Tent
NIXUS Emergency Medical Isolation Tent


with cutting-edge technology

NIXUS PRO Emergency Medical Tents - Triage Tents, Isolation Tents, Hospital Tents


Nixus PRO SI Military Tent
NIXUS PRO ST Heavy Duty Military Tent
Nixus PRO SH Military Tent
Nixus PRO SH Military Tents configured with central hub


The PRO SI uses horizontal high pressure inflatable beams as tensioning elements. These can also be used to space the sun shade cover away from the tent surface.


The PRO ST uses horizontal aluminium struts in place of inflatable beams as tensioning elements. These are installed from inside the tent once inflated.


The PRO SH uses a combination of high pressure inflatable beams and aluminium struts as horizontal tensioning elements.


The PRO X is a central interconnecting module and can be used with all NIXUS PRO models.


1 Canopy
2 Main beams
3 Gable walls
4 Spacers
5 Single point air connection
6 Pneumatic connection hose
7 Windows
8 Sunshade – camouflage, thermal, infrared
9 Liner – insulation, hygienic
10 Anti-slip floor
11 Visors

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PRO Model Width m Width Ft Length m Length Ft Height m Height Ft
NX-PRO-51-40 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 4.0 m 13′ 5″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PRO-51-60 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 6.0 m 19′ 7″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PRO-51-80 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 8.0 m 26′ 2″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PRO-51-100 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 9.9 m 32′ 6″ 2.8 m 9′ 3″
NX-PRO-61-60 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 6.0 m 19′ 7″ 3.3 m 10′ 9″
NX-PRO-61-80 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 8.0 m 26′ 2″ 3.3 m 10′ 9″
NX-PRO-61-100 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 9.9 m 32′ 6″ 3.3 m 10′ 9″
NX-PRO-61-119 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 11.9 m 38′ 8″ 3.3 m 10′ 9″
NX-PRO-X-51-51 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 5.1 m 16′ 9″ 3.6 m 11′ 7″
NX-PRO-X-61-61 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 6.1 m 20′ 0″ 4.3 m 14′ 1″
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